Editorial: Animal Control Officiers: in harm’s way | Animal Control Pole

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Animal Control poles are used to keep an animal at a safe distance from the handler.  Animal control poles are most commonly used on large dogs but can be used on a variety of animals, Alligators, large snakes, large cats, raccoons, any animal that will fit in the coated loop and can be secured by pulling the thumb loop.  There are many different varieties; Original, Extension, Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel and Economy, and sizes from 28 inches to 12 feet long, to fit any needs.

This article promotes the use of lethal weapons, in the name of ‘self defence’ to control wild animals.

Editorial: Animal control officers: in harm’s way | Alexandria Times
Though police officers have weapons and training for self-defense with handguns, pepper spray and tasers, animal control officers are only permitted to use catch poles. Yet they encounter aggressive creatures of the two- and …


What do you think about this proposition? How do you feel about more dangerous weapons being introduced to control animals?

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Hello. I’m Chuck Smith, the owner of Northern Industries. I have been in the animal control/care industry my entire life. I am the son of the founders of Tomahawk Live Trap and National Live Trap, and one of the former owners of those companies. Many of you who have been in the animal care industry for many years know me and my family well. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of stuffing catalogs into envelopes for my parents, Greg and Mary Smith. I can remember the old rotary printing press they bought and taught me how to run. I did whatever I could to help them out. As a young child, small tasks like this made me feel important, and the small amount of money my parents gave me back then made me feel good about myself, too. My parents would also let me trap any wild animals I could, to make sure the traps they were designing worked well. By the time I turned 12, I was working in my parents’ factory every summer, making live traps and cages. I would work on the spot welders, the assembly line, and the quality control lines. I even found my first love in my parents’ factory, which didn’t hurt my desire to come to work every day – coming to work meant that I got to see her. I didn’t get along very well with the foreman back then; she seemed to be harder on me than anyone else, maybe because I was too lovestruck. When I was 14, my parents started taking me to various industry conventions and leaving me in charge of the booth. After I graduated from high school, I went to college to learn how to program computers. However, after my second year of college, which was 1993, the prospect of going to school for another two years didn’t appeal very much to my heart or my checkbook. So, that year, I designed the Tomahawk Live Trap Animal Control Pole. I developed these poles, as well as other products that Tomahawk Live Trap sold, over the course of many months. At the same time, I was also still working for Tomahawk Live Trap, attending many animal care, animal control, pest control, animal damage, and other industry conventions, and making great new friends and business contacts all over the country.

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