Editorial: Animal Control Officiers: in harm’s way | Animal Control Pole

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Animal Control poles are used to keep an animal at a safe distance from the handler.  Animal control poles are most commonly used on large dogs but can be used on a variety of animals, Alligators, large snakes, large cats, raccoons, any animal that will fit in the coated loop and can be secured by pulling the thumb loop.  There are many different varieties; Original, Extension, Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel and Economy, and sizes from 28 inches to 12 feet long, to fit any needs.

This article promotes the use of lethal weapons, in the name of ‘self defence’ to control wild animals.

Editorial: Animal control officers: in harm’s way | Alexandria Times
Though police officers have weapons and training for self-defense with handguns, pepper spray and tasers, animal control officers are only permitted to use catch poles. Yet they encounter aggressive creatures of the two- and …


What do you think about this proposition? How do you feel about more dangerous weapons being introduced to control animals?

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